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We are aware that people are tired of the flood of associations and NGOs seeking help. The concern is often whether the help, sometimes given with great effort, actually reaches those who need it.

We would like you to get to know our work, to see the people we ask you to support.

Do you want to know how much it costs Floridalma to start her studies in year seven in a school two hours from her home?

After paying tuition fees, school supplies and transportation Floridalma is likely to have spent about 2500 quetzals throughout the year, approximately 250 euros or 280 USD. It is hardly any money compared to what it costs children in Europe or the U.S.A., but the salary of Floridalma’s father is 4,5 euros per day on the on the rare occasions that there is work to cut coffee, plant corn. In this situations  he cannot prioritise his daughter’s studies.

For Ixmucané Floridalma’s education is a priority, and we make it possible for her to start or continue her studies.
We invite all who want to collaborate, people, who like us, think that education is one of the weapons to fight poverty and subordination, people who believe that a better world is possible, people who dream of changing the world because the world has still failed to change them...

If you're one of those people,


Welcome to Ixmucané! 
We open the doors for you to get to know our work.

Help us to offer a grain of corn, to start taking the first steps towards a more just society!
Let's give girls the opportunity to make their own decisions, and let’s break the Guatemalan image where poverty has a female face.
We realize that is a long term aim, the situation of women today will not change until tomorrow, but let's start!

Read carefully the attached documentation and send your request to:



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