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Ixmucané was created to work alongside women. Since its inception in 2000 we have maintained the goal of supporting the development of vulnerable women in rural areas and contribute to their personal development, social and economic development.

It is an educational project that interprets education as an integral process, that has to consider the whole person and not just the educational remit.

Its main objective is to support through training processes, focussing on women who for various reasons have not started or completed their academic studies.

Ixmucané developed a scholarship program, providing financial support to these women so they can participate in the formal education system.

At the same time, Ixmucané develops a training program in social issues and personal growth, not only directed at women in the scholaship program, but also open to other women in the department of Huehuetenango.

Ixmucané supports several schools and colleges in teacher training and educational guidance, planning, fundraising and generally for better performance.

To develop the working components Ixmucané has a training center with a boarding school for women, providing a family atmosphere and studies which combine formal education (attendance at different schools) with non-formal learning processes (workshops, field trips, etc.).


The activities of this program are three:

Payment of scholarship

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For people living in rural areas, inclusion in the educational system means an economic cost that is impossible. In order to reduce this threshold Ixmucané has a scholarship project. The scholarship is personalized, taking into account the situation of each family and cover expenses accordingly:

Within this program there are three forms of support




Boarding at Ixmucané.

Capacity for 54 girls.
Education fees, depending on where they study.
Educational support. Complementary training.


Support in the home community


Students stay with their families.
The students go to the community school or one close to it.
Monthly payments of scholarship (enrolment, school fees, transport, materials etc.) Additional training every two months.

Accommodation close to their home community, far from the town of Huehuetenango

The students stay close to home.
Monthly scholarship.
Monthly payment of accommodation. Additional training every two months.


The payment is monthly, which allows the student to try a school and evaluate the benefits. To avoid travel costs we have established meeting points (San Pedro Necta, Jacaltenango, Santa Eulalia and Barillas) for those who support the students.

Continuous monitoring of the academic progress and improvement of the program to enable evaluation of the changes it leads to.

The support covers the whole school year. After assessing the behavior of the students and their academic performance, the association decides on the continuation of support. There are girls who have the scholarship from the first year of secondary school, through upper secondary and in some cases through university.

Payment is upon receipt, once the student has paid the monthly fee at their shool they must submit a receipt to Ixmucané, only then will the next fee be paid. The Association will extend the scholarship to include costs that can not be substantiated by receipts, such as transport, accommodation, etc.

Home visits

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With the objective to know the context and the reality family, throughout the year visits are made to the families of the beneficiaries.




Traveling library

The objective of this activity is to provide reading habits and on the other hand improve the capacity of understanding and analysis.



This is a program with two directions: